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May 24, 2019, 2:03
UNICEO Congress “Leading events to the Future”

UNICEO Congress “Leading events to the Future”

07 mei 2018

In Budapest (Hungary) the 28th and 29th of June, UNICEO Congress “Leading events to the Future” will take place. It will be the first time that 200 Head of events from leading corporations from more than 30 countries will get together to discuss together their most important issues about Live Communication &: measurement - engagement - digital transformation - leadership. It is a non for profit event.

The Programme

Topics of the Congress are close to participants´ professional interest as they are selected based on the biggest consensus in Members’ survey: 

    Matching company and participant objectives: 
    Opening and getting into participants´ hearts & minds. 
    How to better lead your event team and your events 
    Digitalisation, the single biggest opportunity for our events! And bits of compliance, CSR, security, ....



UNICEO® (United Networks of International Corporate Event Organizers) is the only international non-profit association that brings together senior decision-makers for communication / marketing (responsible for planning and organizing corporate events) in leading companies internationally.

UNICEO® Members come together to share and reflect on the practices and changes in their roles as well as current and future challenges. Their objectives: to improve their events, broaden their networks and revitalize their careers by adapting to a constantly changing environment.