Feb 21, 2020, 1:55
What Marketing Channels Do Really Influence Marketers?

What Marketing Channels Do Really Influence Marketers?

When developing a marketing and channel plan for their product or service, marketers face the challenge of resource allocation across a range of touchpoints. When asked which marketing channels Belgian marketers devote the most resources and attention to, they name digital and social media as the undisputed champions (32%), followed by customer events (24%) and content marketing (22%). But, what are the media that influence marketers themselves both as consumers and as marketing and communication professionals? In the research The Oval Office conducted with more than 900 Belgian marketing and communication professionals we asked them the question.


When asked what media influence them - as private consumers - to make buying decisions, marketing professionals massively answer Word-of-Mouth (72%). Not really a surprise as many market research show that consumers trust WOM (brand referrals from friends, colleagues, family, journalists and sometimes even from complete strangers on social media) above all other forms of marketing to choose a brand above another.

A marketer is not different as the average consumer. They like to share experiences and opinions and are interested in hearing from others.

On a second shared place marketers mention Press Articles and AdvertisingSocial MediaPromotions and Brand Activations complete the top 5.

Like most consumers, marketers value conversations with their peers whether these take place live or on social media. They like to share experiences and opinions and are interested in hearing from others. And apparently they’re willing to follow positive recommendations and buy the product or service “advertised” by peers and the media.

Professional live encounters are decisive

In their professional live, marketers value live encounters with colleagues, partners, and suppliers before taking decisions. Almost 3 out of 4 (72%) say that they make decisions based on face-to-face conversations and live meetings. They rank word-of-mouth on a second place (63%) and trade fairs, seminars and congresses on a fourth place (35%).  44% of the marketers stated being influenced by publications in (trade) media

Almost 3 out of 4 say they make decisions based on face-to-face conversations and live meetings.

The Power of Live survey was carried out on behalf of The Oval Office among 943 marketing and communication managers in private and public companies. Online questionnaire. If you are interested in a detailed presentation of the results, please email